In an emergency...

June 07, 2016 at 7:42 AM

Here are some helpful tips that may help to minimise damage or solve some common problems...

Burst Electric Hot Water Service - Isolate the power source at the meter box or fuse box. A stop tap will be located adjacent to the hot water system. This should be turned off in a clockwise direction and a plumber should be contacted immediately.

No Hot Water (Electric) - Check the fuse box and make sure the Hot water switch is turned on. If it is on and there is no hot water then call an electrician. It is possible that the element has blown.

No Hot Water (Gas) - Check that the gas cylinder is not empty. Attempt to relight the hot water service by reading the instructions generally provided on the inside panel of the hot water service. If you are unable to relight the hot water system, call a gas fitter to attend.

Gas Leak - Turn the gas off at the bottle immediately and call a licensed gas fitter.

Can't Turn Tap Off - Turn off the water supply at the meter which will be generally located at the front of the property. In Villas and units a separate isolation valve is generally located within the dwelling it self. Turn valve off in a clockwise direction.

Burst Water Pipe - Isolate the water supply and contact a plumber as soon as possible.

Sewer Blockage - Minimise water usage to prevent further overflow of sewer and sewerage. Contact your plumber as soon as possible.

Roof Leaks - In the event of a roof leak make sure you catch the water to prevent further damage to carpet and property. If the roof leak appears to be close to electrical lighting and power, call an electrician to isolate the power source and call a plumber as soon as possible. In the event of a sever leak due to storm damage call the SES Ph 132 500.



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