Blocked Drains

At Emerald Beach Plumbing we are often called out to attend to drains that have become blocked.

If you have tried all the various solutions using boiling water, caustic cleaners, and plungers, the next step is to give us a call.

We use a high pressure hydro-jet machine fitted with attached CCTV camera to first locate the blockage, and then force a powerful stream of water to help dislodge the obstruction.

If this is unsuccessful, the next step is to engage the electric eel and pipe locator.

Sometimes excavation is required after pinpointing the location site, especially if tree root ingress and breakage to ceramic or PVC pipes are found to be the source of the problem.

Either way, emergency work can be attended to quickly and efficiently.

For commercial clients we also offer a preventative drain clearing service which can be carried out on a regular basis.

Call us on 02 6650 0544 to speak to our friendly staff.